Criminal Law

Design, Planning, and Execution of Defense Strategies

Specialized Lawyers

Gramática - Ferrari - Gramática

Gramática - Ferrari - Gramática

Gabriel Gramática Bosch
Criminal Law Specialist

Our law firm is characterized for committing to consistently maintaining the highest quality and efficiency standards in our practice and ensuring that our work always abides by the ethics and professionalism requirements that is demanded from lawyers.

Débora Ruth Ferrari
Specialist in Economic Criminal Law

Our highly qualified and constantly training team of lawyers has the skills to address issues related to criminal law, judicial or extrajudicial matters

Gerard Gramática Bosch
PhD in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences

Focused on the personalized assistance of our clients, we establish critical relations of trust for a better and quick understanding of specific situations. Solutions targeted to the individual interests of our clients.


Constant dedication

Our growth is the result of constant dedication, effort, training, and the correct implementation of criminal rules for solving cases. Trust and understanding