Our Practice Areas

Compliance/ Business/ Criminal Law

Our company's track record allows us to provide skilled advisory services to individuals and companies (business companies and financial entities) as regards our practice area: criminal law. We also provide consultancy services to our generalist colleagues who specialize in other branches of the law and trust our company.

The ever-growing technical complexity of criminal matters, and their inter-functional and transnational dimension require real knowledge.

Our strength lies in the design, planning, and execution of defense strategies for addressing criminal cases. Due to our constant engagement in the university environment, our professionals are fully aware of the current doctrines of the law.

We make up a group of professionals specialized in different fields of Criminal Law, which is able to research, litigate before various criminal courts and perform as leaders and aides in the negotiation of complex cases.

Our practice includes proceedings before courts of provincial and federal justice in the country.

Our Practice Areas

Business Criminal Law/Compliance
Our firm employs a team that specializes in Business Criminal Law and Compliance. It is made up of attorneys and advisors with a vast knowledge of the structures of business liability, rules of regulated industries and defense strategies for providing companies with a comprehensive defense against criminal charges that may affect them.

The services we offer our clients —both individuals and legal entities— include all fields of practical specialization of the Economic Criminal Law, from proceedings, such as charges or defense, to the creation of compliance programs and criminal due diligence.

The global and current trend holds the companies criminally accountable as a result of the crimes committed by private individuals working, without limitation, as administrators, legal representatives, directors, and presidents. And more specifically the lack of due monitoring these people should have been subject to in their respective fields of activity.

Therefore, we support our clients in the design and deployment of compliance programs (protocol for effective actions of prevention and crime detection) in order to eliminate or reduce risks which may result in criminal penalties and, as a consequence, act diligently to contain such risks. This is a program to detect risks for the company both from actions arising from their hierarchical positions and from the employees of such company.

Property Criminal Law
Frauds and embezzlement; criminal bankruptcy law; punishable insolvency; encroachment; bankruptcy and other punishable debtors; abaction; extortion; damages.

Criminal Law and Public Trust
Money, bank bills, bearer bonds and credit document falsifications; falsification of documents and facts of general documents; commerce and industry frauds; issuance of bad checks.

Criminal Law and Negligence during Professional Activities
In the health and medical field; in road traffic.

Corporate Criminal Law/Corporate Frauds
Conflicts between majority and minority parties; fraudulent management; asset stripping; spurious accounts; counterfeit balances.

Tax Criminal Law and Social Security
Crimes against public finance and social security.

Bank and Exchange Criminal Law.

Defense of competition.

Criminal Law and Intellectual and Industrial Property. Trademarks and patents.

Criminal Law of Environment and Public Health
Hazardous waste act; trafficking, sale and possession of drugs; poisoning or adulteration of potable water, dissemination of dangerous diseases; medication trafficking; food or medication; damages to historic or public heritage.

Computer and Anti-Piracy Criminal Law.

Criminal Law and the Family.
Conflicts and domestic violence; legal-criminal protection of life and family relations; lack of compliance of family support obligations; visitation impediments.

Customs Criminal Law
Smuggling and customs violations.

Criminal Law and the Honor
Libel and slander.

Criminal Law and Freedom
Illegal arrests; threats and duress; sexual crimes; secret and privacy violation.

Criminal Law and Civil Service
Abuse of authority; violation of the duties of a civil servant; prevarication; misappropriation of public funds; bribery; illegal exaction; profiteering; concealment; general problems related to national and international corruption.

Criminal Law and Economic & Financial Order
Money laundering; concealment; unauthorized financial and stock trading activities; insider dealing; stock market scheming.

Misdemeanor and Minor Offense Criminal Law.